Award Plates: Perfect for Year-End Corporate Custom Awards

November 27, 2017

People have been handing out various types of awards for years for a wide range of reasons. Awards are a way to acknowledge individuals for a job well done in the office, achievement within their industry, academic success or athletic accomplishment. Award recipients appreciate the recognition, especially when the award itself is unique and personalized.

What are award plates?

An award plate is a unique alternative to the more traditional award trophy or plaque. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our award plates are made of solid jeweler’s bronze at our own facility. Each plate from our Golden Line is individually spun and coated with a clear baked enamel, and engraving is available. These plates are simple and different, make fantastic custom awards and are perfect for every occasion, including sports awards, restaurant achievement awards, music awards, employee sales or achievement awards and more!

Giving custom awards is one of the most significant ways to let your employees or clients know that you care. Add a personalized engraving for an even greater personal touch. Let’s take a look at five types of year-end corporate awards that are ideally suited for presenting award plates:

  • Service awards: Some people will work for your business for the long term. These individuals are dedicated to your company’s success and should receive recognition for their service. A good way to reward employees who have committed to your company for certain amount of time is to present them with a custom service award plate.

  • Sales awards: Your company’s sales department is made up of hardworking people. They are the employees who are trained to maintain business sales goals and have individual quotas to reach each month, quarter and year. So why not celebrate when they reach goals and achieve quotas? You can either present award plates to specific individuals or to a team. This award shows that you appreciate everything they do, and it can boost confidence.

  • Employee of the Month awards: Many businesses select one person within their organization to be their employee of the month, which is typically decided based on certain criteria. Since this type of awards program occurs every month, you might want to plan a public ceremony to present it. A public award event makes the recipient feel important and can motivate others on the team to be selected next for the honor.

  • Best in industry awards: These types of awards are given to business owners or establishments in honor of their accomplishments within their particular industry—for instance, awarding a custom-made award plate to a restaurant for reaching high standards in outstanding customer service, offering excellent menu items or contributing to the community. And what better custom awards to give a restaurant than those that come in the form of a plate?

  • Other types of awards: Other types of awards that are commonly given include leadership awards, teamwork awards, corporate honors, community awards, sports championships and retirement acknowledgment.


Are you planning an awards event for your office or organization? Contact the skilled team at Saxton Industrial Inc. to learn more or to place an order for custom awards!

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