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March 1, 2017

Saxton Industrial Inc. has released a new catalog to help you design custom awards and trophies. Offering all types of awards, from the traditional trophy cups to unique acrylics, our catalog not only contains complete offerings but also an improved presentation that makes designing and purchasing awards much easier. If you check out our new catalog today, here is what you will enjoy most about it!

  • Easy to navigate: Whether you view our catalog online or order a paper copy, you will find it easier to read and see examples of potential award choices. Our paper catalog features improved binding so it can survive changing hands if you are deciding on award designs as a committee. The online version groups trophies and awards by type, material and shape, including cups, fusion art glass, plates or cast metal. You will not miss a single design with easily navigated structures that allows you to see most designs.
  • More examples: At 89 pages, the catalog sounds long, but it is mainly pictures. This makes it a quick browse-through item where you will see more examples than featured in our catalogs before. You can make better choices because you will see all your options and find the ideal design. Since we offer many options, it can be difficult to present them all at once without a good catalog. We feel this catalog presents our abilities better than ever!
  • Inspiration: If this is the first year for a new award, it may be overwhelming to decide on the perfect trophy. Since you can see more examples this year, it makes it easier to figure out how to create the best award. Many times, we can refer to wall plaques or donor trees and customers do not know immediately how these items appear. By taking time to browse the catalog and see how elements work together on awards, it allows the inspiration you need to design a trophy. This benefit is not limited to new awards. Even decades-old traditions that end with a trophy could benefit from a redesign for the modern era. The inspiration present in this catalog can help you with that change.
  • Updated prices: Your award is important, but we know you need to watch costs, too. Not only can you be sure of the design of your award, but you will also be certain of the price. Many catalogs list prices as “subject to change,” and that can be unsettling if you notice the catalog is years old or the website has not been updated in a long time. When you design and purchase awards from us, you can rest assured that the prices in the catalog will be honored when you order. This helps with planning around budgeting needs and maintains certainty.

Saxton Industrial Inc. is a leader in custom awards and trophies for corporate, athletic and nonprofit endeavors. Call us today to order our catalog or see what we offer online to start your award design process.

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