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September 21, 2017

Awards are a key part of our experience from childhood through old age. They make a big impression, and with good reason! Nothing beats the feeling of personal pride and accomplishment you get when someone hands you an award, and giving them to others is a wonderful way to show appreciation and provide an incentive for further outstanding performance.

Not all awards are created equal, however, and crystal awards are head and shoulders above many other options on the market. At Saxton Industrial Inc., we have a wide range of beautiful crystal custom awards available for you. Here are four occasions where these unique awards could be just the right choice to honor an outstanding achievement.

Corporate employees

Some of the best types of custom awards are presented during corporate retreats, conferences or other public gatherings in the business world. When you want to honor an employee or partner for their admirable contribution to the company, you obviously want to give them the best quality award available. Presenting someone with a subpar award is counterintuitive to the message the award is trying to send. Saxton Industrial Inc.’s crystal awards are expertly crafted by hand, so you can be sure they are conveying a message of respect and deep appreciation for the recipient.

Company achievement

If your company has been singled out for special recognition in its field, crystal awards are an excellent way to highlight that fact professionally. Placing engraved custom awards in a waiting area, conference room or front office is an elegant way of showing clients that you truly care about the work you do, and that others have officially commended your efforts. Crystal awards make a strong first impression, and can help you showcase your strong character and dedicated colleagues.


Recognizing the hard work and dedication of those in the nonprofit field is so important, and Saxton Industrial Inc. is here to help you convey your thanks with class and style. If you wish to present a colleague with an award for their philanthropic accomplishments, look no further than custom awards made from genuine crystal. They are long lasting and beautiful, and will be a cherished possession of the recipient for many years to come.

Athletic achievements

Athletic prowess is an enormous focus in our society, and athletes who stand out among their peers deserve to be honored accordingly. Custom awards that are handcrafted from crystal at Saxton Industrial Inc. look and feel impressive, and they are consistently a top choice for athletic organizations, managers and coaches across a variety of sports and at all levels of competition.


At Saxton Industrial Inc., we know the true value of custom awards. Ours are made from the finest crystal, and are available in a wide range of styles, including granite bases, globe designs, clipped diamond shapes and so many more. With full customization available, your options are endless. Make your award unforgettable—give us a call today to get started with your custom crystal award. We look forward to serving you!

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