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August 7, 2017

When just any old award simply will not do, custom made plaques are your best option. They are sturdy, portable and make an excellent display for any wall or office. Your recipients will appreciate receiving a plaque that does not look like any others in their possession. Here are six ways to make custom plaques as unique as possible:

  • Options for material: Trophies are traditionally made of bronze, but you have the option of silver, nickel or even gold with custom plaques. Since we manufacture in-house, we can offer a wide range of choices that may not be available with suppliers who must outsource their production.

  • Wide range of finishes: A clear finish protects the award from decay, but you can also go with color. Sometimes, the most distinctive choice is to move away from traditional metal finishes and instead go with something bright and flashy. This is an excellent idea for flashier industries like fashion and game design. Of course, you also have the option of going traditional, too, which is fine by us! We are here to customize—not judge.

  • Emblems and brands: Nothing will make your award stand out more than adding your special emblem or brand. We can add 3D effects to make it shine, or produce a traditional 2D award. The award is just as much about your organization as it is about the recipient. Adding your special touch makes it more meaningful and gives your business exposure.

  • Statuary: We’ve produced awards shaped like game controllers, keyboard buttons and even rare coins. This extends to plaques, too, as we can create objects to embed in a shadow box type of award that offers more than the traditional flat awards. If you want to see it, chances are we can produce it—just ask! Also, if you have objects like rare coins or statuary already available, we can integrate it into the award for you.

  • Text: We can engrave or print text. It can take many forms, from traditional to modern, and even present in different colors. Depending on how much text you require, we can recommend the best fonts and presentation. Traditional awards tend to present better with engraving, while the newer, modern approach enjoys color fonts. We do not care if your plaque will contain four words or 400. We will find the best text for the job.

  • Presentation boxes: The recipient will likely have to travel with the award before putting it in a safe place. Padded presentation boxes perform that function so the award does not endure harsh conditions. This can be especially important if the recipient flies in to accept the award at your ceremony and is returning it home via checked baggage. We can create the presentation box, too, so it performs its function but also offers an aesthetic all its own to emphasize the importance of the award.

Saxton Industrial, Inc. designs and manufactures custom made plaques to reflect your distinct brand. Call us today to start the design consultation process.

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