Custom Awards Enhance Recognition of Accomplishments

May 15, 2017

Nothing enhances an individual’s accomplishments like custom awards. There are some items that should not be mass produced, and a prestigious honor on the corporate or national level is among them. At Saxton Industrial Inc., we make every award to your specifications and vision. Here are the five benefits of customized awards that make them ideal for your ceremony:

  • Use of trademarks: Business thought leaders are accustomed to receiving awards, especially if they have a long and impressive resume. They may have several of them, but only enough room to display a few. If you want the award to make that cut, make it unique. Adding your trademark in a flashy yet tasteful way is one approach to doing this. Not only do you honor the recipient, but you also add visibility to your brand.

  • Choices: Custom awards are all about choice. Color, material, fonts and even figurines present endless possibilities. You may pursue a traditional brass award or go for a flashy acrylic or crystal. Fonts can be simple or multi-colored and decorative. Only your imagination limits the possibilities. Many clients approach us with designs that reflect their priorities while honoring the recipient.

  • Personalization: There are honors designed for individuals. This may not be a category you award every year, or perhaps you are honoring something rare, like a lifetime achievement award. When you choose custom awards, you can personalize it to the honoree. Just as you want to create an award worthy of display, there are circumstances when you need to make it more personal. Our experts enjoy working on these special pieces and will help you make it as striking as possible.

  • Size and shape: These elements can matter if you have an honoree traveling from overseas. With new restrictions in air travel, it can be difficult to bring a large award home, especially if it awkwardly fits in a suitcase. Also, you do not necessarily want your visitor paying excess weight fees for luggage! You can make the shape of your award as simple or complex as you imagine. Square or round shapes pack better, and some materials are lighter to make for easier carrying and packing. Also, some people by their personality prefer simplicity. Even if they are not flying in to accept your award, they may prefer a plate or paperweight.

  • Personalized service: Saxton Industrial Inc. makes awards to order. In many ways, all our trophies and awards are customized, since we do not start production until we receive specifications. While we can send you blank awards, most of the time, people call wanting something specific. That is why we walk you through the design process and send drafts of possible layouts. Once you choose a design, we start production and keep you informed so you know the award or awards will arrive to you on time for the ceremony.


Saxton Industrial Inc. is a leader in custom awards for corporate events, sports and much more. Call us today to start the design process and enjoy your perfect trophy.

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