Custom Awards for Any Occasion: The Acrylic Embedment Award

June 1, 2017

One of the more unique designs for custom awards is the acrylic embedment award. The clear design features a variety of color, but also solid objects embedded within it. In addition to designing fonts and color schemes, you can choose any type of object or company trademark to embed in your awards, even if they are made of metal, plastic or paper. This flexibility makes the embedment award appropriate for any occasion. Here are five occasions where you may prefer the embedment award:

  • Ranking promotion: There is no better way to celebrate a major promotion than custom awards. When you can make them more personal to the recipient or the company, that adds a special touch. Embedment awards may contain symbols of a company brand or even tools of the trade. Coins, leaflets and even an old compass can be embedded into these awards to create a memorable token. Paper certificates are another idea. If you want to upgrade your previous awards into something that lasts a lifetime, embedding those certificates into acrylic achieves that goal.

  • Employee service: You do not have to wait for a promotion to recognize your employees. If that is the only accomplishment that catches notice, you risk reducing morale. However, recognizing employees when they meet profit goals or participate in volunteer service that reflects well on your organization is well within your discretion. This approach emphasizes work-life balance and makes employees feel valuable no matter their rank. You can even set up a series of incentive awards that include custom acrylic trophies and gifts to encourage employee progress. The result is a workforce that feels appreciated.

  • Vendor appreciation: There are many sectors that could not operate without dedicated and caring vendors. Rather than being a subordinate, vendors are often your partners, and you need to show appreciation to them as well. Large companies frequently recognize important vendors. This is especially true with retail chains since they cannot stay in business without a good supply chain. If you have a Vendor of the Year award, make it personal with embedded awards that use designs and objects unique to the honored recipient.

  • Branding awards: Embedment awards offer a good opportunity to highlight your company’s brand. Even if you cannot decide on an object that reflects the recipient, you can choose something relevant to your company. This creates unique awards that solidify a link between you and the recipient. Also, if you run an organization that exists solely to give awards, you want to create a recognizable brand that links strongly to those you honor.

  • Other purposes: This award design makes a beautiful object of recognition, but can also serve other purposes. An embedment award for a promotion could also serve as a name plate for a desk or wall. Others may reflect light to create decorative phenomena in any office. Also, awards that double as paperweights or penholders are especially popular.


Saxton Industrial, Inc. offers a full catalog of custom awards, including the acrylic embedment award. Contact us today to start the consultation and design process.

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