Five Features of Acrylic Custom Awards

March 15, 2017

Acrylic custom awards are popular in corporate circles for a good reason. You will often find them stacked in the offices of thought leaders and honored employees because they are the most common type of trophy made today. Acrylic offers advantages that are not present with other types of awards. Here are five of them:

  • Design flexibility: Acrylic awards can literally be anything. Glass and crystal have their limits, but acrylic is easily shaped and manipulated. The award can be round, square or even odd-shaped. Besides traditional engraving with a brass stand, you can embed it with metal or non-metal items, such as a coin or medal. You can shape it so it doubles as a paperweight. Companies and nonprofits even add full-color logs, extra colors and even small artifacts. The only limit to an acrylic award is your imagination. If you have an idea, chances are, acrylic can accommodate it.

  • Easy on budgets: An acrylic award can present the same shiny appearance as crystal but cost much less. Companies discovering acrylic often find it so budget-friendly that they start to give tokens more frequently. Employees who meet sales goals, earn a promotion or gain recognition for outstanding customer service may have once only received a “thank you” card. Now, you can provide a small acrylic award with it to mark the occasion in a memorable way. Since tangible awards are encouraging to many people, the cost will likely be made up in future productivity!

  • Works with any décor: Like any other trophy, the acrylic award is meant to be displayed. When you take the time to design an award and honor an individual with it, you likely do not want it to end up in a box in the basement. Acrylic matches any type of home or office décor. You do not have to worry about a brass cup clashing in a silver office. Awards are meant to be seen, and since acrylic fits in anywhere, that is more likely to happen.

  • Size control: Along with matching décor and integrating unique elements, acrylic awards are available in many sizes. While cups and trophies often come in one large size, you can make acrylic awards with a lower profile, which makes them even easier to display. Your award recipient will not have to clear an entire shelf or redo the office just to accommodate the new award.

  • Durability: Glass and crystal crack, and can even shatter. This can be troublesome if the employee who earns the award takes it home to their mischievous feline or toddler who enjoys knocking items off shelves. Acrylic offers the beauty of crystal and glass without the fragility. It can survive impacts, including those often caused by pets and children. The award will also look nice even decades later, so the individual receiving it will always have that memory.

Saxton Industrial Inc. is your premier provider of acrylic custom awards. Call us today to start the design process and create the best trophy or award.

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