How to Present Award Trays and Other Custom Awards in a Memorable Fashion

November 14, 2017

Any time is a good time for presenting awards to your employees or team members. By giving out special awards from time to time, you make everyone feel appreciated, and it can boost morale and production in the workplace. So, before gathering everyone for an awards event, make sure you plan it all out, including booking the right venue and commissioning custom award trays.

About award trays

When it comes to giving out individual awards to those who contribute to the success of your organization, you want to choose something that is truly unique, like award trays. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our beautiful trays are individually spun from solid jeweler’s bronze and coated with a clear baked enamel to avoid tarnish, right here at our own fully equipped facility.

Award trays are exactly what you need to celebrate any type of award ceremony, including sales awards, food industry awards and various corporate awards. Get your trays engraved for an added personal touch! If you are planning to present employee award trays, here are some ideas that will make your custom awards ceremony more memorable for everyone:

  • Create custom awards: Show your employees that you really value their hard work with a personalized tray just for them. Make the award specific to the occasion, such as Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, sales awards or corporate achievement recognition. You can also create your own special award and have it engraved on the award tray along with the recipient’s name, title and a few positive words.

  • Keep the awards a secret: Even if your employees know there’s an upcoming awards ceremony, you want to keep your awards a secret, so as to not spoil the surprise. Let the suspense build—don’t reveal who will be getting recognized with a tray. On the day of the event or ceremony, keep the awards out of sight until you are ready to get on the stage and present them.

  • Have a special presenter: The presenter can be just about anyone, but it would be something extra special if the leader of the organization attends the event to present the award trays. Moreover, it would mean a lot to everyone working for the company to be able to put faces to the names they hear all the time, as well as shake hands when accepting their award. Be sure the presenter practices pronouncing the award recipients’ names and ask them to come prepared with a few congratulatory words for each individual.

  • Start an annual event: If your organization does not already host an annual event designated for presenting awards to employees, start one—and make it an monthly or yearly thing! It’s important that the people who work for you know you value them and notice their contributions to your company. Let them see you recognize that!


For all your custom awards needs, don’t hesitate to contact the skilled team at Saxton Industrial Inc. Not sure what type of award you want to give? Let us help you choose the perfect ones—call us or place an order today!

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