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Custom Awards with a Modern Feel: The Contemporary Collection

July 21, 2017

Corporate awards are commonplace, no matter what the focus of your career may be. It’s often the pride of top-level executives and volunteers alike to display beautiful corporate awards in their home or office. They’re a sign of hard work and dedication, and a company’s recognition of your personal investment. When you give corporate custom awards, you want the recipient to cherish and treasure that award. That means presenting them with an award that’s stylish, appealing, impressive and bold. It’s why Saxton Industrial Inc. proudly offers our Contemporary Collection to businesses wanting to give out an award that will truly... View Article

Celebrating Brands’ Custom Product Replicas

July 4, 2017

Advertising is all about making a statement. You want to grab people’s attention and get them talking about your brand or products. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do. Not unless you’ve got an 8-foot inflatable replica of your product, that is! There’s no better way to make an advertising statement at festivals, trade shows and other events than through oversized custom promotional products. Taking your product and scaling it up to two, four or even 10 times its normal size is a great way to get people to not only notice it, but to get them talking about it... View Article

The History of Revere Bowl Custom Awards

June 15, 2017

The Revere bowl is a frequent request from customers ordering custom awards. We spin our Revere bowls using high quality jeweler’s bronze and polish it to a stunning finish. Once complete, we treat the finish to avoid tarnish. The reverence behind this award arises from its roots in the early days of the American Revolution. Here is the history of the Revere bowl and why it remains an enduring award. The beginnings When the U.S. remained a colony, the British parliament passed the Townsend Acts. These laws enacted import taxes to finance the defense of the colonies against the French... View Article

Custom Awards for Any Occasion: The Acrylic Embedment Award

June 1, 2017

One of the more unique designs for custom awards is the acrylic embedment award. The clear design features a variety of color, but also solid objects embedded within it. In addition to designing fonts and color schemes, you can choose any type of object or company trademark to embed in your awards, even if they are made of metal, plastic or paper. This flexibility makes the embedment award appropriate for any occasion. Here are five occasions where you may prefer the embedment award: Ranking promotion: There is no better way to celebrate a major promotion than custom awards. When you... View Article

Custom Awards Enhance Recognition of Accomplishments

May 15, 2017

Nothing enhances an individual’s accomplishments like custom awards. There are some items that should not be mass produced, and a prestigious honor on the corporate or national level is among them. At Saxton Industrial Inc., we make every award to your specifications and vision. Here are the five benefits of customized awards that make them ideal for your ceremony: Use of trademarks: Business thought leaders are accustomed to receiving awards, especially if they have a long and impressive resume. They may have several of them, but only enough room to display a few. If you want the award to make... View Article

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