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The Royal Trophy Cup Stands Out Among Our Custom Trophies

May 1, 2017

The Royal Trophy Cup is a popular item among our custom trophies at Saxton Industrial Inc. Its distinguished characteristics and bold expression make it appropriate for regional and national competitions. While popular for high school sports, dog and horse shows and speech tournaments, the features of the Royal Trophy Cup make it ideal for other awards, too. You are only limited by your imagination! Here are the most appealing elements of the Royal Trophy Cup: Engraving options: You have many choices when it comes to engraving your Royal Trophy Cup. Rotary engraving, laser engraving and full-color imprinting are all available.... View Article

Consider These Elements for Custom Corporate Awards

April 15, 2017

Custom corporate awards are a great way to recognize achievement, service, sales goals and promotions. Every corporation is different in its culture and values, and you need to create awards that reflect yours best. If this is the first time you are giving out custom awards or you want to change the design you’ve used for the last 10 years, here are ideas for making your awards unique: Color: There are many ways to work color into your award. Trophies are made of jeweler’s bronze and naturally have a metallic surface. That does not mean you cannot order them in... View Article

The Eros Cup Stands Out Among Custom Trophies

April 2, 2017

When you need custom trophies for a big award, our selection of trophy cups will not disappoint. We offer everything from the simple and traditional to the large and ornate. The Eros Cup stands in the middle of this, with subtle embellishment and smooth lines. Here is what stands out about this custom trophy option: Beauty in details: The Eros Cup is not an incredibly ornate trophy. From a distance, it may seem to be a plain cup. Its beauty seems to be in its simplicity until you take a closer look. Small details in the trim and handles show... View Article

Five Features of Acrylic Custom Awards

March 15, 2017

Acrylic custom awards are popular in corporate circles for a good reason. You will often find them stacked in the offices of thought leaders and honored employees because they are the most common type of trophy made today. Acrylic offers advantages that are not present with other types of awards. Here are five of them: Design flexibility: Acrylic awards can literally be anything. Glass and crystal have their limits, but acrylic is easily shaped and manipulated. The award can be round, square or even odd-shaped. Besides traditional engraving with a brass stand, you can embed it with metal or non-metal... View Article

Check Out Our New Catalog for Custom Awards!

March 1, 2017

Saxton Industrial Inc. has released a new catalog to help you design custom awards and trophies. Offering all types of awards, from the traditional trophy cups to unique acrylics, our catalog not only contains complete offerings but also an improved presentation that makes designing and purchasing awards much easier. If you check out our new catalog today, here is what you will enjoy most about it! Easy to navigate: Whether you view our catalog online or order a paper copy, you will find it easier to read and see examples of potential award choices. Our paper catalog features improved binding... View Article

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