The Laureate Cup: More Than Just a Trophy

January 1, 2017

As the audience applauds, the award recipient steps forward and is presented with a glistening silver trophy cup, a representation of the significance of this moment and an acknowledgement of all that the recipient has accomplished. This cup is a true treasure, a memento and a symbol to be displayed and seen by all—this is the Laureate Cup.

About the Laureate Cup

The Laureate Cup is one of the most impressive custom made awards manufactured by Saxton Industrial Inc. Like all our trophies, the Laureate Cup is a high quality and attractive piece of artwork. However, this splendid trophy’s design is representative of a more prominent caste than some of our other trophies.

The design of the trophy—a silver cup with two curved handles on each side—dates back to the ancient days in Greece and Rome, and is reminiscent of the great minds and athletes of that time. The cup itself is designed in epic proportions: the small Laureate Cup is over a foot tall while the lager version is a foot and a half. Made of solid jeweler’s bronze and baked with a clear enamel finish, the Laureate Cup boasts a style, quality and beauty that cannot be matched.

To make the Laureate Cup a masterpiece of your own, we designed the cup with an engraving area (5” L x 1.5” H for the small cup and 6.5” L x 1.5” H for the large cup) so we can add your own personal inscriptions. For the customization of this piece, we offer several different engraving options, including rotary engraving, laser engraving and full-color imprinting for a plaque available on request. No matter the event or achievement the cup will be awarded for, we guarantee accurate, detailed custom engraving work to match any occasion.

Why choose the Laureate Cup?

Custom made awards bring class and significance to any ceremony and event. They are also valued more highly. Where a paper certificate would likely end up tucked away in a scrapbook, a trophy is a physical representation of one’s achievement that can be put on display. The Laureate Cup is able to motivate competitors and honor winners in a way that less significant types of awards cannot.

If you are looking for a custom made award to honor a special person, up the competition at a sporting event or to simply add that special something to a ceremony, than the Laureate Cup may be just what you need. Designed with the elite in mind, the Laureate Cup is the perfect trophy for those looking for more than just an award.

To get started with your custom order, call Saxton Industrial Inc. today. Our friendly staff will help you create your custom Laureate Cup for your next big event. However, if you feel that the Laureate Cup isn’t the perfect fit for your needs, don’t worry. We have plenty of other top quality custom made awards for you to choose from, as well. We look forward to assisting you!

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