The Royal Trophy Cup Stands Out Among Our Custom Trophies

May 1, 2017

The Royal Trophy Cup is a popular item among our custom trophies at Saxton Industrial Inc. Its distinguished characteristics and bold expression make it appropriate for regional and national competitions. While popular for high school sports, dog and horse shows and speech tournaments, the features of the Royal Trophy Cup make it ideal for other awards, too. You are only limited by your imagination! Here are the most appealing elements of the Royal Trophy Cup:

  • Engraving options: You have many choices when it comes to engraving your Royal Trophy Cup. Rotary engraving, laser engraving and full-color imprinting are all available. There is also a possibility of direct-cup engraving for that truly unique award. The engraving plate is offered in black and makes a striking presentation for larger accomplishments.

  • Size: This is not an excessively large cup. If your tournament attracts competitors who are traveling a long way, this cup is easy to pack without worries about damage. The cup is 13.5 inches, with a full height of 17 inches including the base. This makes it a convenient traveling cup for those competitions where the champion may change every year.

  • Durability: The Royal Trophy Cup is made with jeweler’s bronze and coated with clear baked enamel. It is impossible to tarnish, and if you plan on making this a traveling award, it will stand up to the rigors of possibly traveling around the country, if not the world. The time-honored and tested technique of metal spinning applies to each of our trophy cups to assure you enjoy a high-quality award.

  • Design possibilities: This is a simple but elegant trophy cup. The shining silver looks especially striking with its engraving plate. Black is the default color for the engraving plate, but other colors are available. You can add words as well as embellishment. Figurines are available, or we can adhere a club or sponsor emblem to the cup. If you have specific ideas, just ask when you call us. We work hard to accommodate unique elements.

  • Figurine options: Horses, sports figures, traditional statuary or your trademark design are available as options if you wish to crown your Royal Trophy Cup with a figurine. This is an additional cost, but when you wish to highlight the honor of your event, figurines are an essential, elegant feature. You may choose among the figures offered or ask us to create a cast to provide your own.

  • Our service: When you call Saxton Industrial Inc., you are discussing your vision with experts in the trophy industry. You share your ideas, and we listen. Then we draft initial plans so you can choose the best design for your purposes. Once you decide, we keep you advised as to the production process so you feel reassured and know that your valuable award will arrive in time for your event.


To start designing custom trophies, including your vision for the Royal Trophy Cup, contact Saxton Industrial Inc. We help you through every step from design to production and our efforts will exceed your expectations.

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