capabilities of saxton

At Saxton Industrial, Inc., we feel that your individual and group achievements should have the capacity to be exclusive. With the assistance of our creative department and their capabilities, your ideas and concepts will be developed into reality. Our technicians and engineers, with more than half a century of custom award making experience, shall take the time to attend to all your needs.

We understand that going from one company to another, for various aspects of a custom award, may be extremely costly; therefore, at Saxton we offer many cost-saving benefits by maintaining the majority of the development in-house. Some traditional methods of manufacturing such as our time-honored metal spinning can never be compromised; however, we strongly believe that as specialists in custom award design and manufacturing, we must equip ourselves with the latest technology in machinery as much as possible to help our customers.

Some of our machinery includes:

  • A series of heavy duty Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • 3-Dimensional Laser Scanner
  • 3-Dimensional Modeling Machine
  • 5-axis robotic Water Jet Machine
  • CO2, YAG and Fiber laser engraving machines capable of engraving on any material
  • Several Diamond tip Rotary engraving machines capable of engraving on cylindrical surfaces
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Printer capapble of printing in CMYK and White on most materials

We have hundreds of other machines in our modern machine shop that allow us to take raw materials such as metal alloys, acrylics, crystal, glass, wood and transform them into your custom made awards. Our additional services include:

  • Acrylic Embedment Awards
  • Coin and Pin Stamping and Casting
  • Die and Mold Making
  • Technical Drawing Services
  • Professional Sculpting
  • Access to Professional Designers

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