Get Started

Turning your vision of a custom-made award or trophy into a reality is easy with the help of our experts. To help us create a product you will love, here is what we need to know:

1. What is your vision for your custom made award?

To get started on your project, we recommend that you have an idea of what you envision your award or trophy to look like. If you do not have a clear idea yet, no problem. We suggest gathering some basic information related to what characteristics you’d like to see in your award or trophy. A couple of main characteristics that we will need are:

  • Dimensions & Size. Do you need a small custom pin or a trophy that will fill a display case? Knowing the general scale will help.
  • Items that will be incorporated into your award or trophy. For instance, an automotive racing award might include a logo, a racing car, a car tire, and locations for an engraving. This is your award; what will make it represent you?

Other characteristics could include colors, materials, and locations for each item incorporated into the award or trophy. With our experience in custom-made award manufacturing, we will help you get to your vision.

2. How many custom-made awards or trophies do you need?

Depending upon the type of occasion, the quantity may be several hundred pieces or only one. Knowing how many you would like allows us to provide you with accurate budget and manufacturing time information.

3. What is your general budget?

There are many different ways to build any award, so knowing your budget will help us to provide you with the best options in your price range.

4. When is your event?

We take pride in our on-time delivery record. Knowing the date of your event will help us to plan ahead so your event can be a success.