Consider These Elements for Custom Corporate Awards

April 15, 2017

Custom corporate awards are a great way to recognize achievement, service, sales goals and promotions. Every corporation is different in its culture and values, and you need to create awards that reflect yours best. If this is the first time you are giving out custom awards or you want to change the design you’ve used for the last 10 years, here are ideas for making your awards unique:

  • Color: There are many ways to work color into your award. Trophies are made of jeweler’s bronze and naturally have a metallic surface. That does not mean you cannot order them in color. They will be the same durable material but feature your trademark colors or a solid one, whether that is basic black or bright pink. Acrylic and crystal awards integrate color well with graphics or multi-color print. Look through our catalogue for ideas.

  • Figures: Cartoon figures, corporate mascots and animals can all work as the centerpiece of your award. We even use cameras and can integrate common devices in your industry. Sometimes a figure is as simple as an egg or other striking shape with a shiny surface. There are basic figures offered through our catalogue, but if you have something different in mind, there is a good chance we can craft it. Let us know what you have in mind and we will provide prototypes and designs until we achieve your vision.

  • Spheres: Corporate awards featuring globes and spheres are popular. They attract attention for how they reflect light and people are naturally drawn to their shining surface. We can mount spheres in a base or add supportive infrastructure around it to create a tall and spectacular award just begging to be displayed.

  • Engraving: We offer rotary and laser engraving to assure accuracy and clear letters. If you are looking for something less traditional, full-color imprinting is also available. We can even do a mixture of both, depending on the material and size of the engraving surface. Adding the recipient’s name adds an additional layer of authenticity and shows you truly appreciate them. Acrylic and crystal awards offer more in the way of engraving space, but you usually do not have to say much to recognize an achievement.

  • Textures: Choosing textures like frosted acrylic or fusion art glass results in an award to be remembered. If you only want to make subtle changes to awards each year, adjusting texture is often all you need to do. You can also add trims and embellishment to make the colors and engraving stand out. We can show you several options during the design process, as we may have ideas that never occurred to you.

  • Shapes: Never settle for a basic and common award design if you are looking for something new. We’ve created awards shaped like cubes and game controllers. Like figures, if you have an idea, chances are, we can make it a reality. If you do not see what you are looking for the catalog, just ask.


Saxton Industrial Inc. is here for you to design and produce custom corporate awards. Call us today to get started!

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