The History of Revere Bowl Custom Awards

June 15, 2017

The Revere bowl is a frequent request from customers ordering custom awards. We spin our Revere bowls using high quality jeweler’s bronze and polish it to a stunning finish. Once complete, we treat the finish to avoid tarnish. The reverence behind this award arises from its roots in the early days of the American Revolution. Here is the history of the Revere bowl and why it remains an enduring award.

The beginnings

When the U.S. remained a colony, the British parliament passed the Townsend Acts. These laws enacted import taxes to finance the defense of the colonies against the French and various Native American tribes. Colonial governments were unamused because, despite being informed otherwise, the import taxes applied to tea.

In 1768, Samuel Adams and James Otis drafted a resolution in the Massachusetts Assembly that was eventually adopted by the other 13 colonial assemblies. The resolution called out parliament because it did not directly represent the colonies, since colonists were not allowed to vote for representatives.

The Royal Secretary of the Colonies called in the Royal Governor of Massachusetts and asked him to dissolve the elected assembly. He refused that order. Instead, he put the matter to a vote, where it came out 92 to 17 against overturning the resolution.

Paul Revere was a silversmith and member of the Sons of Liberty, a patriotic drinking society. To commemorate the 92 votes in favor of the resolution, he was commissioned by that organization to create a silver bowl. Called the Liberty Bowl, Revere engraved the names of the Sons of Liberty members who voted against rescinding the resolution and added the numbers 45 and 92 to the bowl. The design was inspired by commemorative porcelain bowls made in China.

Eventually, the design received the name “Revere bowl.” The original Liberty Bowl remains in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston.

A bowl for all occasions

The striking nature of the Revere bowl has made it a favorite traditional award. You will find it for any occasion including corporate awards, sports championships and even recognition awards. Its classic design never went out of style, and orders for these bowls continue to come in today.

Revere bowls can be customized to include bases and even figurines. You have the option for a traditional design with a bowl and engraved plaque, or something slightly different. The bowl has that flexibility, so you can remain as conservative or flashy with awards as you desire!

Another favorite function of Revere bowls is for use in the kitchen. These are often featured in silver sets when people want a place to keep party snacks or chill a bottle of wine. If you are in a culinary business and would like your Revere bowl award to serve this purpose, we can treat it with a clear coat enamel to protect it.


Revere bowls are distinguished custom awards with an honorable history. Saxton Industrial, Inc. is available to design and produce these awards for any occasion. Call us today to start your consultation.

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