The Power of Wall Plaques for Your Business

September 7, 2017

Custom awards such as wall plaques are a staple of modern offices, and for good reason. There is arguably no better way to tastefully showcase the accomplishments of your company, and a well-designed plaque can make quite the impression!

If you’re looking for ways to stand out, you might want to consider a wall plaque of your own. Saxton Industrial Inc. is an expert in custom awards, including handcrafted wall plaques, and we can help you accurately convey the tone and success of your company with a unique plaque designed just for you. Here are a few types of wall plaques you might want to consider for your office:

  • Plaques for individual achievement: You know you are the right person for clients to work with, but how can you help potential clients understand that? One great way is with custom awards. If your company or community has recognized you for your dedication to your job, or for any admirable contribution you’ve made to the field, having a wall plaque that conveys this achievement can go a long way.

  • Employee awards: Furthermore, if you have someone in your employ who is deserving of special recognition, you can help their reputation (and the reputation of your company) by presenting them with a custom award for their service. If you make it a wall plaque, it can be hung in their office, which adds professional credibility to the space they use to work with current or prospective clients. A plaque from Saxton Industrial Inc. can help you show your appreciation in style.

  • Special industry awards: If your company has been honored by local, state or national entities for its work, hanging this wall plaque in a prominent location could be the ticket to attracting customers who are on the fence. Knowing that you have been independently recognized for your hard work offers an excellent incentive for potential clients to put their trust in you.

What makes wall plaques stand out?

You could go down to your local office supply store and print out a laminated sign that highlights your company’s achievements, but chances are, it will end up looking tacky and less than professional. And as great as brochures can be, many people don’t want to pick up a lot of literature while they’re in your office and make the time to read it later. First impressions are crucial, whether you’re going on a first date or trying to close a sale, and custom awards are a unique and powerful way to make a fantastic first impression.

With help from Saxton Industrial Inc., you have a wide variety of options for your wall plaque. Choose from multiple materials and numerous designs, with many different colors, fonts, logos and much more. Whatever the message you want to convey, we can help.


Custom awards from Saxton Industrial Inc. are second to none, and you’ll be surprised by what a powerful difference they can make for the appearance of your office and the success of your company. Give us a call today to get started!

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