Why Participation Trophies Are a Bad Idea

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As a company whose bread and butter comes from making trophies, awards, and plaques, it might surprise you where we land on the subject of participation trophies for kids. Don’t get us wrong we don’t hate them or believe the hype about them destroying an entire generation and we’ll happily design and make them. In fact, for some kids, we even think they might be just fine and we’re pretty sure our employees are just as divided as the rest of the country is on this issue.


Try testing the topic for yourself at your next dinner party and you’re almost guaranteed to start a potential food fight or worse when you mention the words, “participation trophy,” and every few months a major news outlet host a debate on the subject or writes an editorial about it. The issue itself has become a symbol for the generation gap between Baby Boomers/Gen-Xers & Millennials, and even psychologists don’t agree.

But First - A Brief History of Trophies & Medals

Trophies have been around for probably as long as there have been humans. However, they weren’t always what we picture when we think of them. In fact, to us today, what used to be a trophy is pretty gruesome. That’s because originally trophies were the spoils of war, and often body parts of slain enemies after a battle. We’re pretty sure that participation trophies during ancient times would not have been a thing and that parents weren’t arguing with each other over whether every child should or shouldn’t receive an arm from their opponent after every tournament.


As far as awards for winners of sporting events go, as early as ancient Greece, people who triumphed during Olympic games were given laurel wreaths. It’s unclear when trophies started to look more like what we know today, but by the late 17th century, silver chalice shaped awards were being given to winners of sporting events. Still, until relatively recently, trophies have always been associated with victory in competition and not just showing up.

Enter the Participation Trophy

By the 1960’s because of the advent of other materials like plastic, trophies could be mass produced and became more common. At this time according to an op-ed in the New York Times, the trophy industry started marketing them to teachers and coaches. As makers of trophies, we’re not sure this statistic is true. That’s because there’s a huge difference between the trophy industry and toy companies and others who make plastic replicas of things like trophies and the real deal.


There is more agreement that the “participation trophy” emerged in the 1980’s, around the time the first children of the millennial generation were entering school and peewee sports leagues. Some people say it’s because of Dr. Spock and reactions to more strict and authoritarian child-rearing styles of previous generations. But according to the HBO Real Sports documentary  “Trophy Nation,’ it all started here in California in the late 1980’s with an initiative to help inner city kids have higher self-esteem. So not our fault.

When a Trophy Is a Good Idea

No matter what you believe about when and why the idea of getting a trophy or an award for just showing up started, there is some consensus amongst experts on child development that participation trophies for preschool to kindergarten age children could improve their self-esteem and desire to participate in a sport. But at around 5 years old, most children start to think about winning and by age 7 or 8, according to developmental psychologist Susan Harter in an NPR feature on kids and winning.

When Participation Trophies Aren’t Okay

So when children enter 2nd grade, it’s probably time to stop making every team win and time to stop giving every child a trophy and start letting kids compete to get better and to win. Most kids understand when they aren’t playing well and can see through an award for just being on a team or playing a sport.


You aren’t really helping your child feel better about not winning by insisting they get a trophy for just playing. In fact, when your child gets older, them getting a participation trophy is more about you and your feelings than theirs. But while there’s nothing wrong with a trophy for effort, a trophy for just showing up isn’t important to them and might make them feel worse. And if competitiveness presses your buttons as a parent, perhaps you can get behind trophies for best teamwork or most improved as well as for the winners and most valuable players.

The Myth of the Participation Trophy Generation

No matter where we or any of our individual employees stand when it comes to participation trophies, we do believe that the millennial generation wasn’t ruined, let alone ruined by receiving so-called awards for participation. We concede that the bulk of the heated debate and ugly comments on either side online has more to do with the age-old generation gap and misunderstandings between generations than it does with most children in a generation receiving trophies. All the members of the “participation trophy generation” are just as hardworking as our non-millennial employees. And regardless of whether the participation trophy stays around forever or finally goes away, we still have plenty of trophies to create for winners of events and to recognize achievements in sports, business, entertainment, education, the military and beyond.


So what do you think? Do you believe participation trophies are a good idea or do you think they’re destroyed the work ethic of an entire generation? Let us know in the comments below.

Rashad Jennings Career Trophy Highlights

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When you think of the journey of a professional athlete, you probably picture a person who was the star player in their chosen sport from a young age. You definitely don’t picture a kid with asthma who weighs 270 pounds, wears glasses and who started out stuck on the bench.


Of course, if you follow the NFL or you’re a fan of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, you know who we’re talking about - the unique and now retired Giants running back, Rashad Jennings. Just last Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, Jennings announced his retirement via this post on Twitter and reveals more about it in the official Giants announcement.


We’ve seen and heard many amazing stories of players over the years, but Rashad Jennings career “trophies” in his football career and beyond deserves a retelling. We also know the struggles and triumphs of Mr. Jennings have been shared and reported on everywhere, but we truly admire the man. Let's be honest, we’re big fans.

From chubby kid to scouted by accident

By now just about everybody knows the story of how back in high school in Forest, Virginia, 5th string running back Rashad Jennings and his buddy used to sit on the bench eating snacks and how one day fate would step in and due to the injuries of other players, his high school coach put him in the game and he went on to score 4 touchdowns, 2 on offense and 2 on defense. Plus there just happened to be a college scout at that game there to watch another player.


It was this conversation with the scout from Tennessee that made Rashad believe that his dream of playing for the NFL could be a reality and he started focusing on his grades as well as his playing. His brothers even coached for free so he could transfer to a private school.

From 4th running back to start as a freshman to family tragedy

His hard work and the support of his family paid off and Rashad Jennings earned a full scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, where he became only the 4th running back to start as a true freshman. Then in that same year of college, his father who suffers from diabetes was having health issues and needed to have his leg amputated. As a result, Rashad made the difficult decision of giving up his position at the University of Pittsburgh and transferring to Liberty University to help out with his father. While at Liberty, he broke records, including remaining their all-time leader in rushing touchdowns, with a total of 42.

From Jaguars to Giants

In the 7th round, 250th overall, of the 2009 NFL Draft Rashad Jennings was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars where he was a backup who scored his first touchdown after only 9 weeks, after a 28-yard rush. Unfortunately, due to a concussion and subsequent knee injury, he couldn't play for the entire 2011 season and in April of 2013, Jennings signed on with the Oakland Raiders, again as a backup.


The Raiders startup at the time was, Darren McFadden who sat out most of the season on the bench due to injuries which meant that Rashad got to start a total of 8 games as McFadden’s replacement. In that 2013 season, in week 11, he rushed 22 times and made 1 touchdown at the end of an unbelievable 80-yard run. In fact, while researching this article, we watched footage of Rashad’s epic rushes to touchdowns over and over again, dumbfounded at his agility and ability!


Which brings us to his career with the NY Giants that began when he signed a 4 year, $14 million contract in March of 2014. He quickly became a starting running back in his first season and started in all 16 games of the 2015 season and in 13 for the 2016 season. While playing for the Giants he had several more long runs ending in touchdowns and again as we watch Jennings career rushing highlight reel, we’re utterly lost in admiration and astounded by the number of times this man ran past other players and into the end zone!

From Lord of the Field to Lord of the Dance

By the end of 2016, his 4 year contract complete but hoping to be signed again by the Giants or if not, then another team, Rashad, a self titled autodidact who makes it a point to learn a new skill every off-season, agreed to be on Season 24 of ABC’s popular show, Dancing With the Stars and from his very 1st cha cha cha, it was clear he was a front-runner.


Athletes tend to do very well on the show, but you can see from the joy on Jennings’ face that he truly loves dancing and that on top of his hard work and improvement is what led him to win. We love watching him dance as much as we loved watching him play football. In fact, Rashad Jennings continues to dance and just this past Weds, Dec 6, 2017, posted on Twitter about teaching his 1st dance class.

To retirement and beyond

That leads us back again to Fri and Rashad’s retirement from the NY Giants, and the NFL. The 32-year-old player is completely transparent about why he’s retiring. He wasn’t signed by any teams. But his refreshingly ever uplifting attitude, we’re sure will bring this renaissance man to both continue with his charity work and participate in new ventures including more dancing, some poetry, and hopefully acting as well. Will an update to this post be ‘from mirror ball to Academy or Emmy Award?”


We don’t know. But no matter what new “trophies” and accomplishments, are in Jennings’ future, we’re sure he’ll greet them with his same humble attitude and his winning smile.


So, what do you think about Rashad Jennings retirement from the NFL? Was it the right move? Let us know in the comments below.

Award Plates: Perfect for Year-End Corporate Custom Awards

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People have been handing out various types of awards for years for a wide range of reasons. Awards are a way to acknowledge individuals for a job well done in the office, achievement within their industry, academic success or athletic accomplishment. Award recipients appreciate the recognition, especially when the award itself is unique and personalized.

What are award plates?

An award plate is a unique alternative to the more traditional award trophy or plaque. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our award plates are made of solid jeweler’s bronze at our own facility. Each plate from our Golden Line is individually spun and coated with a clear baked enamel, and engraving is available. These plates are simple and different, make fantastic custom awards and are perfect for every occasion, including sports awards, restaurant achievement awards, music awards, employee sales or achievement awards and more!

Giving custom awards is one of the most significant ways to let your employees or clients know that you care. Add a personalized engraving for an even greater personal touch. Let’s take a look at five types of year-end corporate awards that are ideally suited for presenting award plates:

  • Service awards: Some people will work for your business for the long term. These individuals are dedicated to your company’s success and should receive recognition for their service. A good way to reward employees who have committed to your company for certain amount of time is to present them with a custom service award plate.

  • Sales awards: Your company’s sales department is made up of hardworking people. They are the employees who are trained to maintain business sales goals and have individual quotas to reach each month, quarter and year. So why not celebrate when they reach goals and achieve quotas? You can either present award plates to specific individuals or to a team. This award shows that you appreciate everything they do, and it can boost confidence.

  • Employee of the Month awards: Many businesses select one person within their organization to be their employee of the month, which is typically decided based on certain criteria. Since this type of awards program occurs every month, you might want to plan a public ceremony to present it. A public award event makes the recipient feel important and can motivate others on the team to be selected next for the honor.

  • Best in industry awards: These types of awards are given to business owners or establishments in honor of their accomplishments within their particular industry—for instance, awarding a custom-made award plate to a restaurant for reaching high standards in outstanding customer service, offering excellent menu items or contributing to the community. And what better custom awards to give a restaurant than those that come in the form of a plate?

  • Other types of awards: Other types of awards that are commonly given include leadership awards, teamwork awards, corporate honors, community awards, sports championships and retirement acknowledgment.


Are you planning an awards event for your office or organization? Contact the skilled team at Saxton Industrial Inc. to learn more or to place an order for custom awards!

How to Present Award Trays and Other Custom Awards in a Memorable Fashion

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Any time is a good time for presenting awards to your employees or team members. By giving out special awards from time to time, you make everyone feel appreciated, and it can boost morale and production in the workplace. So, before gathering everyone for an awards event, make sure you plan it all out, including booking the right venue and commissioning custom award trays.

About award trays

When it comes to giving out individual awards to those who contribute to the success of your organization, you want to choose something that is truly unique, like award trays. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our beautiful trays are individually spun from solid jeweler’s bronze and coated with a clear baked enamel to avoid tarnish, right here at our own fully equipped facility.

Award trays are exactly what you need to celebrate any type of award ceremony, including sales awards, food industry awards and various corporate awards. Get your trays engraved for an added personal touch! If you are planning to present employee award trays, here are some ideas that will make your custom awards ceremony more memorable for everyone:

  • Create custom awards: Show your employees that you really value their hard work with a personalized tray just for them. Make the award specific to the occasion, such as Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, sales awards or corporate achievement recognition. You can also create your own special award and have it engraved on the award tray along with the recipient’s name, title and a few positive words.

  • Keep the awards a secret: Even if your employees know there’s an upcoming awards ceremony, you want to keep your awards a secret, so as to not spoil the surprise. Let the suspense build—don’t reveal who will be getting recognized with a tray. On the day of the event or ceremony, keep the awards out of sight until you are ready to get on the stage and present them.

  • Have a special presenter: The presenter can be just about anyone, but it would be something extra special if the leader of the organization attends the event to present the award trays. Moreover, it would mean a lot to everyone working for the company to be able to put faces to the names they hear all the time, as well as shake hands when accepting their award. Be sure the presenter practices pronouncing the award recipients’ names and ask them to come prepared with a few congratulatory words for each individual.

  • Start an annual event: If your organization does not already host an annual event designated for presenting awards to employees, start one—and make it an monthly or yearly thing! It’s important that the people who work for you know you value them and notice their contributions to your company. Let them see you recognize that!


For all your custom awards needs, don’t hesitate to contact the skilled team at Saxton Industrial Inc. Not sure what type of award you want to give? Let us help you choose the perfect ones—call us or place an order today!

The Benefits of Awarding Trophy Cups to Employees

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If you’re a business owner, you have a lot of different things to think about on a daily basis, including the attitude of your employees. Even the most positive workplaces can become bogged down with workplace stress and disagreements that lower morale and affect productivity.

Sometimes, you have to be creative with how you lighten the mood and improve the environment for the people who you employ. Many business owners do this by offering a free catered meal or distributing vouchers or gift cards for local goods and services. Another effective means of boosting office morale is recognizing good work, positive attitudes and strong effort with physical awards. It’s easy to underestimate just how much of an impact an award can make, but it’s important that you consider all of the benefits of recognizing employee performance in a tangible way.

Why you should present awards to employees

Giving out custom awards to your employees communicates a level of recognition for their efforts. When people feel recognized for doing good work, they are more likely to produce that same level of effort in the future. When an employee knows that what they do is recognized by the leaders of their company, they will generally gain a stronger sense of accomplishment and are more likely to feel positively toward the management structure of their employer. Demonstrating care for what people do and how they perform communicates that your company cares for its employees and is supportive of good work.

Another benefit of giving out awards, like trophy cups, to employees is that it incentivizes future work. When employees know that there is a form of recognition that they can expect when they display excellence in their work, they are more likely to put in the extra effort to stand out amongst their colleagues. This can not only boost morale, but it can also actually increase productivity in your workplace. It has been demonstrated time and again that companies that invest in events and incentives that reward employees for good work actually experience an increase in productivity from their employees.

If you have had some tension or difficult situations come up in your workplace lately, something like an award ceremony draws attention away from sources of stress and instead focuses on celebrating employee contributions.

Custom trophy cups


At Saxton Industrial Inc., we understand how impactful awards and trophies can be when it comes to increasing morale among employees, which is why we are proud to provide custom trophy manufacturing that allows you to give your team members the recognition they deserve. We make custom trophy cups that range in size, material and style, in addition to a variety of other custom awards, such as plaques and bowls. We have been providing our services for decades, and we continue to strive for excellence in everything that we do and quality in every product that we produce. You can select the specific style of award that you would like, and can get custom engraving as well. Browse our inventory online, and give us a call today for more information!

Make Fusion Glass Art Awards a Part of Your Event Planning Efforts

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Whether you are recognizing an employee for their effort and contributions in the workplace or commemorating a contest winner for their work, it is important that you take the time to appropriately validate their achievements. Holding an award ceremony can be a beneficial thing to do in a variety of contexts, from corporate award events to sports performance ceremonies. If you’ve never planned one of these events before, you might be wondering what goes into a successful award ceremony. Thankfully, there are a few different things that you can do to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch:

  • Set a reasonable budget: The most important step you can take when planning an award ceremony is to set a budget for your event. This budget should take into account food, venue, lighting and equipment costs, custom awards and any other expenses that could be involved in the event that you’re planning. If you are planning a corporate or company event, it can be helpful to organize a committee that can take on the bulk of the budgeting and planning for your event.

  • Consider a general program: Even though the focus of an award ceremony is recognizing individual accomplishments and celebrating hard work, you will want to plan for a few additional portions of the event geared toward entertaining those in attendance. If your award ceremony is solely limited to handing out trophies and custom awards, it likely wouldn’t be long enough to justify an entire event. Once you’ve considered this, you can create a program that includes a progression of events for your ceremony.

  • Determine who will be recognized: When you’re planning your award ceremony, don’t forget to decide who you will be recognizing. Oftentimes, these types of decisions are made by a panel or award committee, but they can also be done through a general consensus or vote.

  • Find a venue: Where you choose to hold your ceremony will be largely dependent on the amount of people who will be attending. Decide on a guest list and make sure to allot space for spouses or plus-ones.

  • Purchase custom awards: The awards that you will be presenting communicate the work that you want to recognize and set a tone for your event as a whole. Instead of going with generic awards, invest in custom awards that can showcase the specific details of what is being recognized.

Fusion glass art awards


For an award ceremony that won’t soon be forgotten, put some time into planning and make sure that the awards that you give out reflect the efforts of the individuals who are being recognized. At Saxton Industrial Inc., we specialize in creating completely customized awards, including trophies, cups and fusion glass art awards. No matter what kind of style you are looking for, we are able to create something that fits your specific needs. Contact us today to find out more about customization options and take a look through our online inventory to find something that speaks to you.

Choose Crystal for Your Custom Awards

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Awards are a key part of our experience from childhood through old age. They make a big impression, and with good reason! Nothing beats the feeling of personal pride and accomplishment you get when someone hands you an award, and giving them to others is a wonderful way to show appreciation and provide an incentive for further outstanding performance.

Not all awards are created equal, however, and crystal awards are head and shoulders above many other options on the market. At Saxton Industrial Inc., we have a wide range of beautiful crystal custom awards available for you. Here are four occasions where these unique awards could be just the right choice to honor an outstanding achievement.

Corporate employees

Some of the best types of custom awards are presented during corporate retreats, conferences or other public gatherings in the business world. When you want to honor an employee or partner for their admirable contribution to the company, you obviously want to give them the best quality award available. Presenting someone with a subpar award is counterintuitive to the message the award is trying to send. Saxton Industrial Inc.’s crystal awards are expertly crafted by hand, so you can be sure they are conveying a message of respect and deep appreciation for the recipient.

Company achievement

If your company has been singled out for special recognition in its field, crystal awards are an excellent way to highlight that fact professionally. Placing engraved custom awards in a waiting area, conference room or front office is an elegant way of showing clients that you truly care about the work you do, and that others have officially commended your efforts. Crystal awards make a strong first impression, and can help you showcase your strong character and dedicated colleagues.


Recognizing the hard work and dedication of those in the nonprofit field is so important, and Saxton Industrial Inc. is here to help you convey your thanks with class and style. If you wish to present a colleague with an award for their philanthropic accomplishments, look no further than custom awards made from genuine crystal. They are long lasting and beautiful, and will be a cherished possession of the recipient for many years to come.

Athletic achievements

Athletic prowess is an enormous focus in our society, and athletes who stand out among their peers deserve to be honored accordingly. Custom awards that are handcrafted from crystal at Saxton Industrial Inc. look and feel impressive, and they are consistently a top choice for athletic organizations, managers and coaches across a variety of sports and at all levels of competition.


At Saxton Industrial Inc., we know the true value of custom awards. Ours are made from the finest crystal, and are available in a wide range of styles, including granite bases, globe designs, clipped diamond shapes and so many more. With full customization available, your options are endless. Make your award unforgettable—give us a call today to get started with your custom crystal award. We look forward to serving you!

The Power of Wall Plaques for Your Business

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Custom awards such as wall plaques are a staple of modern offices, and for good reason. There is arguably no better way to tastefully showcase the accomplishments of your company, and a well-designed plaque can make quite the impression!

If you’re looking for ways to stand out, you might want to consider a wall plaque of your own. Saxton Industrial Inc. is an expert in custom awards, including handcrafted wall plaques, and we can help you accurately convey the tone and success of your company with a unique plaque designed just for you. Here are a few types of wall plaques you might want to consider for your office:

  • Plaques for individual achievement: You know you are the right person for clients to work with, but how can you help potential clients understand that? One great way is with custom awards. If your company or community has recognized you for your dedication to your job, or for any admirable contribution you’ve made to the field, having a wall plaque that conveys this achievement can go a long way.

  • Employee awards: Furthermore, if you have someone in your employ who is deserving of special recognition, you can help their reputation (and the reputation of your company) by presenting them with a custom award for their service. If you make it a wall plaque, it can be hung in their office, which adds professional credibility to the space they use to work with current or prospective clients. A plaque from Saxton Industrial Inc. can help you show your appreciation in style.

  • Special industry awards: If your company has been honored by local, state or national entities for its work, hanging this wall plaque in a prominent location could be the ticket to attracting customers who are on the fence. Knowing that you have been independently recognized for your hard work offers an excellent incentive for potential clients to put their trust in you.

What makes wall plaques stand out?

You could go down to your local office supply store and print out a laminated sign that highlights your company’s achievements, but chances are, it will end up looking tacky and less than professional. And as great as brochures can be, many people don’t want to pick up a lot of literature while they’re in your office and make the time to read it later. First impressions are crucial, whether you’re going on a first date or trying to close a sale, and custom awards are a unique and powerful way to make a fantastic first impression.

With help from Saxton Industrial Inc., you have a wide variety of options for your wall plaque. Choose from multiple materials and numerous designs, with many different colors, fonts, logos and much more. Whatever the message you want to convey, we can help.


Custom awards from Saxton Industrial Inc. are second to none, and you’ll be surprised by what a powerful difference they can make for the appearance of your office and the success of your company. Give us a call today to get started!

Five Ideas for Designing Custom Made Awards Using Revere Bowls

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Revere bowls remain a popular option among our custom made awards, especially for sports trophies. While the traditional appearance remains strong, many customers want to add a distinctive design to their Revere bowl. If you require this large trophy for a big award, here are five ideas to consider during the design process:

  • Different material: Revere bowls traditionally come in gold or bronze finishes, and those remain options for you. However, we also offer these trophies in gold, nickel and silver. A silver bowl is extra-bright and definitely stands out. If you prefer understated and traditional, choose gold or nickel. So if you are looking to add some brightness to your awards ceremony, silver is definitely a good choice. The base metal is jeweler’s bronze, so you know that no matter what you choose, your trophy will last for years, if not decades.

  • Two-tier base: Many customers go with a one-tier base, and that remains available to you, too. Upgrading to a two-tier base increases the height along with the prestigious appearance of the award. It also offers more space for engraving, which can be important if it is a traveling trophy that will present the name of each winner year after year. If that is the case with your award, consider how to maximize space so you are not replacing the trophy in a short while because you’ve run out of places to put names.

  • Engrave the cup: Another option for traveling trophies is to engrave names around the cup. Start at the rim and move around the cup counter-clockwise. As you collect more winners, you will produce a striking effect as names fill the cup and recipients can turn it in their hands to see everyone who came before them. This creates a sense of history and connection in a dramatic way that also embraces both modern and traditional design. With the clear baked enamel used on each cup, you are assured the names will last through the decades.

  • Never limit: While the Revere bowl is popular as a traveling trophy and for major sports awards (like regional or state championships), this does not eliminate it from use for your most prestigious corporate awards. If a big promotion, major goal or distinguished recognition makes the Revere bowl speak to you, go ahead and choose it. Just because it is a favorite in one sector does not mean you cannot apply it to your situation.

  • Consider figurines: It is also possible to embellish the Revere bowl. Figurines are an excellent option, and we have many you can choose from. You can also add your own if your industry is unique. Sports, fashion and animal figures are popular choices, but if you want something different, like a game controller, we can work that in, too. Just tell us your ideas and we will find a way to implement them!

If you seek the best in custom made awards, call Saxton Industrial, Inc. today. You will appreciate our personalized customer service and high quality products.



Choose Custom Made Plaques for That Unique Award

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When just any old award simply will not do, custom made plaques are your best option. They are sturdy, portable and make an excellent display for any wall or office. Your recipients will appreciate receiving a plaque that does not look like any others in their possession. Here are six ways to make custom plaques as unique as possible:

  • Options for material: Trophies are traditionally made of bronze, but you have the option of silver, nickel or even gold with custom plaques. Since we manufacture in-house, we can offer a wide range of choices that may not be available with suppliers who must outsource their production.

  • Wide range of finishes: A clear finish protects the award from decay, but you can also go with color. Sometimes, the most distinctive choice is to move away from traditional metal finishes and instead go with something bright and flashy. This is an excellent idea for flashier industries like fashion and game design. Of course, you also have the option of going traditional, too, which is fine by us! We are here to customize—not judge.

  • Emblems and brands: Nothing will make your award stand out more than adding your special emblem or brand. We can add 3D effects to make it shine, or produce a traditional 2D award. The award is just as much about your organization as it is about the recipient. Adding your special touch makes it more meaningful and gives your business exposure.

  • Statuary: We’ve produced awards shaped like game controllers, keyboard buttons and even rare coins. This extends to plaques, too, as we can create objects to embed in a shadow box type of award that offers more than the traditional flat awards. If you want to see it, chances are we can produce it—just ask! Also, if you have objects like rare coins or statuary already available, we can integrate it into the award for you.

  • Text: We can engrave or print text. It can take many forms, from traditional to modern, and even present in different colors. Depending on how much text you require, we can recommend the best fonts and presentation. Traditional awards tend to present better with engraving, while the newer, modern approach enjoys color fonts. We do not care if your plaque will contain four words or 400. We will find the best text for the job.

  • Presentation boxes: The recipient will likely have to travel with the award before putting it in a safe place. Padded presentation boxes perform that function so the award does not endure harsh conditions. This can be especially important if the recipient flies in to accept the award at your ceremony and is returning it home via checked baggage. We can create the presentation box, too, so it performs its function but also offers an aesthetic all its own to emphasize the importance of the award.

Saxton Industrial, Inc. designs and manufactures custom made plaques to reflect your distinct brand. Call us today to start the design consultation process.

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