Custom Awards with a Modern Feel: The Contemporary Collection

July 21, 2017

Corporate awards are commonplace, no matter what the focus of your career may be. It’s often the pride of top-level executives and volunteers alike to display beautiful corporate awards in their home or office. They’re a sign of hard work and dedication, and a company’s recognition of your personal investment.

When you give corporate custom awards, you want the recipient to cherish and treasure that award. That means presenting them with an award that’s stylish, appealing, impressive and bold. It’s why Saxton Industrial Inc. proudly offers our Contemporary Collection to businesses wanting to give out an award that will truly be coveted by the recipient.

The Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection is a series of corporate and personal awards that are designed to be simple, yet elegant—understated in their boldness, yet forthright with their prestige. These are awards that are going to stand out on a shelf, garner respect wherever they’re displayed, and bring a strong sense of achievement to anyone who receives one.

The awards in our Contemporary Collection span the gamut of achievement. They’re designed to speak volumes about the accolades of the person in possession of them. From bright stars that showcase personal excellence, to climax awards that herald career achievements, to diamond awards that represent best-in-class performance—there’s something for any achievement.

Each design is simple, yet stunning. The minimalism doesn’t detract from the superior design and construction of these awards, however! They have a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel that will make them the centerpiece in even the most crowded awards display case.

Choose from silver, gold or platinum finishes, to represent the rank and achievement of your single or many recipients. The awards themselves are made from aluminum and brass, which serve to give them heft in the hand and durability for their lifetime. A person accepting and holding one of these custom awards is going to know they’re handling something truly special!

Set your recipient apart

When a simple trophy or plaque just doesn’t do justice to the achievements of an individual, consider the Contemporary Collection. Some of the many uses our corporate partners have found for these brilliant awards include:

  • Lifetime achievement awards for career-driven individuals

  • 12-month or annual sales record holders or growth achievers

  • Community involvement and volunteer work

  • Fiscal achievements for the company

  • Accumulated hours spent on personal or professional improvement

  • Retirement awards for long-time professionals

  • Awards for partnership excellence or outreach


The list goes on and on, encompassing any achievement that should be recognized. From the highest board member to the most modest volunteer at your company, it’s time to give credit where credit is due. There’s no better way to deliver it than in the form of custom awards—specifically those from our Contemporary Collection. From the Winged Eagle to the Climax Award, the Bright Star to the Freedom Dove, we’ll help you create an award that speaks volumes about its recipient. Get in touch with Saxton Industrial Inc. today to learn more about these outstanding products!

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