Custom Pins, Emblems and Coins: Small Packages with Big Personalities

January 15, 2017

Sometimes the smallest tokens have the greatest significance. Just as the intricate details of an engagement ring express the deepest fathoms of a couple’s love, so do the custom details of a pin, emblem or coin express the significance of the honor being bestowed.

At Saxton Industrial Inc., our custom pins, emblems and coins may be small, but they have big personalities. We manufacture our pins using the latest technology and only the highest quality materials, including precious metals. We are able to custom design our pins, emblems and coins with the engraving, symbols, colors and even logos of your choice. So no matter the event, honor or recipient you have in mind, you’ll find that we can create a custom award just for you.

But don’t think our custom-made pins, emblems, and coins are just for award ceremonies. They’re the perfect solution in a lot of other instances, too:

  • Company branding: Company pins are a great way to display your logo, promote new products and even boost team spirit. They can be pinned on uniforms or hats, and are a great way to advertise outside of work, too.

  • Agency challenges: Looking to get some healthy competition going in the workplace? Using custom pins, emblems and coins as rewards for sales goals and agency challenges is a great way to motivate your employees.

  • Changes in rank: Pins can be used as an indication of change in rank, as well. Whether differentiating between a manager and a staff member or looking to honor a military promotion, pins are an excellent way to differentiate between ranks in the workplace.

  • Military divisions: Pins, emblems and coins are a beautiful way to create a physical token for a military division. With our state-of-the-art procedures, we’re able to design our pins, emblems and coins with just about any insignia and engravings you would like.

  • Recognition of service: If you’re looking for a special way to recognize someone for their service, our custom made awards are a great way to do that, as well. Pins, emblems and coins offer a unique and special way to show someone that they are appreciated.

  • Special events: To add that unique element to a special event, customized pins are the way to go. Whether it’s for a family reunion, your wedding party or in remembrance of a loved one who has passed, pins are a unique way to mark the day and remember the people we care about.

  • Sororities and fraternities: If you’re part of a sorority or fraternity, we think you’ll find that our custom pins, coins and emblems are a great way to not only display your sorority or fraternity pride, but they are also a great memento post-graduation.

If you’re looking for the perfect pin, emblem or coin for your next special event, look no further than Saxton Industrial Inc. We can create the perfect custom made awards to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information or to speak to a representative!

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