Five Ideas for Designing Custom Made Awards Using Revere Bowls

August 21, 2017

Revere bowls remain a popular option among our custom made awards, especially for sports trophies. While the traditional appearance remains strong, many customers want to add a distinctive design to their Revere bowl. If you require this large trophy for a big award, here are five ideas to consider during the design process:

  • Different material: Revere bowls traditionally come in gold or bronze finishes, and those remain options for you. However, we also offer these trophies in gold, nickel and silver. A silver bowl is extra-bright and definitely stands out. If you prefer understated and traditional, choose gold or nickel. So if you are looking to add some brightness to your awards ceremony, silver is definitely a good choice. The base metal is jeweler’s bronze, so you know that no matter what you choose, your trophy will last for years, if not decades.

  • Two-tier base: Many customers go with a one-tier base, and that remains available to you, too. Upgrading to a two-tier base increases the height along with the prestigious appearance of the award. It also offers more space for engraving, which can be important if it is a traveling trophy that will present the name of each winner year after year. If that is the case with your award, consider how to maximize space so you are not replacing the trophy in a short while because you’ve run out of places to put names.

  • Engrave the cup: Another option for traveling trophies is to engrave names around the cup. Start at the rim and move around the cup counter-clockwise. As you collect more winners, you will produce a striking effect as names fill the cup and recipients can turn it in their hands to see everyone who came before them. This creates a sense of history and connection in a dramatic way that also embraces both modern and traditional design. With the clear baked enamel used on each cup, you are assured the names will last through the decades.

  • Never limit: While the Revere bowl is popular as a traveling trophy and for major sports awards (like regional or state championships), this does not eliminate it from use for your most prestigious corporate awards. If a big promotion, major goal or distinguished recognition makes the Revere bowl speak to you, go ahead and choose it. Just because it is a favorite in one sector does not mean you cannot apply it to your situation.

  • Consider figurines: It is also possible to embellish the Revere bowl. Figurines are an excellent option, and we have many you can choose from. You can also add your own if your industry is unique. Sports, fashion and animal figures are popular choices, but if you want something different, like a game controller, we can work that in, too. Just tell us your ideas and we will find a way to implement them!

If you seek the best in custom made awards, call Saxton Industrial, Inc. today. You will appreciate our personalized customer service and high quality products.



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