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Why Participation Trophies Are a Bad Idea

January 12, 2018

As a company whose bread and butter comes from making trophies, awards, and plaques, it might surprise you where we land on the subject of participation trophies for kids. Don’t get us wrong we don’t hate them or believe the hype about them destroying an entire generation and we’ll happily design and make them. In fact, for some kids, we even think they might be just fine and we’re pretty sure our employees are just as divided as the rest of the country is on this issue.   Try testing the topic for yourself at your next dinner party and... View Article

Rashad Jennings Career Trophy Highlights

January 1, 2018

When you think of the journey of a professional athlete, you probably picture a person who was the star player in their chosen sport from a young age. You definitely don’t picture a kid with asthma who weighs 270 pounds, wears glasses and who started out stuck on the bench.   Of course, if you follow the NFL or you’re a fan of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, you know who we’re talking about – the unique and now retired Giants running back, Rashad Jennings. Just last Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, Jennings announced his retirement via this post on Twitter... View Article

Award Plates: Perfect for Year-End Corporate Custom Awards

November 27, 2017

People have been handing out various types of awards for years for a wide range of reasons. Awards are a way to acknowledge individuals for a job well done in the office, achievement within their industry, academic success or athletic accomplishment. Award recipients appreciate the recognition, especially when the award itself is unique and personalized. What are award plates? An award plate is a unique alternative to the more traditional award trophy or plaque. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our award plates are made of solid jeweler’s bronze at our own facility. Each plate from our Golden Line is individually spun... View Article

How to Present Award Trays and Other Custom Awards in a Memorable Fashion

November 14, 2017

Any time is a good time for presenting awards to your employees or team members. By giving out special awards from time to time, you make everyone feel appreciated, and it can boost morale and production in the workplace. So, before gathering everyone for an awards event, make sure you plan it all out, including booking the right venue and commissioning custom award trays. About award trays When it comes to giving out individual awards to those who contribute to the success of your organization, you want to choose something that is truly unique, like award trays. At Saxton Industrial... View Article

The Benefits of Awarding Trophy Cups to Employees

October 27, 2017

If you’re a business owner, you have a lot of different things to think about on a daily basis, including the attitude of your employees. Even the most positive workplaces can become bogged down with workplace stress and disagreements that lower morale and affect productivity. Sometimes, you have to be creative with how you lighten the mood and improve the environment for the people who you employ. Many business owners do this by offering a free catered meal or distributing vouchers or gift cards for local goods and services. Another effective means of boosting office morale is recognizing good work,... View Article

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