Three Reasons to Give Custom Awards to Employees

February 1, 2017

Anyone who’s ever seen The Office could probably tell you what the “Dundies” are. The Dundies are a yearly award show where Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employees are given awards (known as Dundies) which recognize them for their various contributions to the company. The Office is obviously meant to be a funny mockumentary of the modern workplace. However, the act of recognizing employees with custom awards is anything but comical. A corporate award is a serious way to show your employees how much they mean to the company, and how special they are as individuals.

In a perfect world, every employee who does a great job at work would be given a bonus, a raise or some other monetary reward. Unfortunately, that’s not always economically feasible for most businesses. Here are a few reasons why handing out awards to outstanding workers is the best non-financial way to acknowledge someone’s hard work:

  • Awards boost morale: It could be because the worker is having trouble at home, or maybe it’s because the employee is frustrated with something (or someone) at the office. Regardless of the situation, there’s nothing worse than an employee who’s moping around from 9 to 5 every day because he or she is upset. Even low morale from a single employee can sour the whole work environment and kill productivity and positive vibes. If you have any workers who fit that description, maybe they just need a token of appreciation that says they’re a valuable member of your team. A small award is an inexpensive yet efficient way to show someone that they’re wanted in the office. Someone who feels wanted is sure to improve their work efforts, and hopefully improve the environment as a whole.

  • Awards encourage others to work harder: Going along with the previous point, employees who see a coworker get an award may be more inclined to work harder in order to get their own award. This could be wishful thinking, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try! Purchasing custom awards could do wonders to get your whole office operating at a much more efficient level of productivity.

  • Awards can keep employees around: Sometimes, one of the hardest things to do as a manager is to retain your employees. This is especially true if the work is grueling or dull, or if the pay isn’t as high as it could be. Having a high employee turnover rate reflects poorly on your company and slows productivity when you constantly have to train new folks. While it’s impossible to force someone to enjoy their work and make them stay at your company if they’re dissatisfied, custom awards could help keep them around a little bit longer. Having some kind of incentive, regardless of what it is, may just keep someone who’s considering quitting from doing so.

Managers should do everything they can to keep their staff satisfied, and keep productivity up. Custom awards are a great way to do just that! Contact Saxton Industrial Inc. to find out how we can help keep your employees happy and keep your business running smoothly with the help of custom awards.

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