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Award Plates Make Excellent Custom Awards

February 15, 2017

Regardless of what it actually looks like, every award on some level symbolizes victory and excellence. There are many different types of trophies and awards given out for various reasons. Some recognize stellar students in the classroom, some acknowledge exceptional employees in the corporate world and others are given to athletes after winning a championship or a big game. When it comes to custom awards, some of the most attractive and popular options are award plates. Here are several benefits of choosing custom award plates to recognize your award recipients: Appropriate for numerous circumstances: Need to recognize an employee for... View Article

Three Reasons to Give Custom Awards to Employees

February 1, 2017

Anyone who’s ever seen The Office could probably tell you what the “Dundies” are. The Dundies are a yearly award show where Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employees are given awards (known as Dundies) which recognize them for their various contributions to the company. The Office is obviously meant to be a funny mockumentary of the modern workplace. However, the act of recognizing employees with custom awards is anything but comical. A corporate award is a serious way to show your employees how much they mean to the company, and how special they are as individuals. In a perfect world, every... View Article

Custom Pins, Emblems and Coins: Small Packages with Big Personalities

January 15, 2017

Sometimes the smallest tokens have the greatest significance. Just as the intricate details of an engagement ring express the deepest fathoms of a couple’s love, so do the custom details of a pin, emblem or coin express the significance of the honor being bestowed. At Saxton Industrial Inc., our custom pins, emblems and coins may be small, but they have big personalities. We manufacture our pins using the latest technology and only the highest quality materials, including precious metals. We are able to custom design our pins, emblems and coins with the engraving, symbols, colors and even logos of your... View Article

The Laureate Cup: More Than Just a Trophy

January 1, 2017

As the audience applauds, the award recipient steps forward and is presented with a glistening silver trophy cup, a representation of the significance of this moment and an acknowledgement of all that the recipient has accomplished. This cup is a true treasure, a memento and a symbol to be displayed and seen by all—this is the Laureate Cup. About the Laureate Cup The Laureate Cup is one of the most impressive custom made awards manufactured by Saxton Industrial Inc. Like all our trophies, the Laureate Cup is a high quality and attractive piece of artwork. However, this splendid trophy’s design... View Article

Our New Printer Makes Your Custom Made Awards Even More Special

December 30, 2016

Do you regularly present custom made awards to employees or other members of a team or project? If so, are you looking for some new and different plaques, trophies or other awards that you can choose from? Perhaps you haven’t presented awards in the past but have recently made the decision that you’d like to begin doing so. Whether you’re new to selecting custom made awards or more experienced, presenting a unique, high-quality award is always bound to make a recipient feel valued and honored. A new product at Saxton Industrial Inc. now allows our team of experts to design... View Article

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